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A Temporary Historical past of the Census—and How Covid-19 Might Change It


The census survived the tip of the Roman Republic and the transition to empire, although it receded in significance. Caesar Augustus thought-about three censuses, in 28 BCE, eight BCE, and 14 CE, amongst his life’s achievements. The final recorded a rely of 4,937,000 individuals, a quantity etched upon stone all through the empire. Within the biblical account of Luke 2:1, Mary and Joseph had been known as to journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, as a result of “Caesar Augustus issued a decree, {that a} census needs to be taken of your complete Roman world.”


Not like right now’s censuses, historic censuses not often counted everyone, usually together with solely, for instance, males of combating age. So whereas they dominate the theological account, Mary and the toddler Jesus would in all probability have been excluded from the executive document. Certainly Augustus’ empire was way more populous than his census counts counsel, house to maybe 50 million individuals. Across the identical time, the primary really dependable census of Han China recorded 59,594,978 individuals, a quantity remarkably in keeping with trendy estimates.

Historic censuses differed from trendy ones in one other approach: They had been normally used to determine and keep particular person entitlements or obligations, of taxation or conscription. Individuals didn’t like being counted: It was usually of their curiosity to not be, they usually would possibly keep away from it if they might. However when trendy states established nationwide censuses within the 18th and 19th centuries, these particular person obligations had been left behind. Beneath the affect of “political arithmeticians” and later statisticians, the census turned a scientific, statistical instrument. In the US, it turned an instrument elementary to the operation of consultant authorities.


Over the 19th century, ever extra questions had been added to the US census. Coupled with a rising inhabitants, previous strategies of counting may now not sustain. Census taking had grow to be a formidable engineering drawback. In 1890, the census noticed maybe its biggest and most influential technological innovation: counting by electrical machine. The “Hollerith tabulator,” named for its inventor, a New Yorker named Herman Hollerith, was concerning the dimension of a writing desk. A tall cupboard stacked at its rear gave it the general form of an upright piano. The cupboard displayed 10 dials arrayed in 4 rows and 10 columns. Every dial had 100 subdivisions and two arms, like a clock, which collectively may rely as much as 10,000.

The machine was operated by a seated clerk. On the clerk’s proper, on the desk’s floor, lay a sturdy contraption with a clean picket deal with, which Hollerith known as the press. On the left was a stack of stiff playing cards, every one representing an individual, with spherical holes punched out to signify completely different traits of that particular person: black or white, male or feminine, single or married, literate or not.


The operator positioned every card, in flip, on the decrease floor of the press after which pulled firmly down on the deal with. Because the jaws of the press got here collectively, spring-loaded pins pushed down towards the cardboard. Some had been blocked, whereas others handed by holes, making contact with cups of mercury under, closing electrical circuits and advancing dials akin to the holes.

For Frederick H. Wines, a census worker who noticed the machine in operation, this technique of counting and sorting individuals by electrical energy approached a non secular expertise. “Beneath the mysterious affect of the electrical present operating by the machine, they arrange themselves, as if possessed of volition … I can evaluate this present to nothing much less clever and highly effective than the voice of the archangel, which, it’s mentioned, will name the lifeless to life and summon each human soul to face his closing doom.”




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