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Tag: Safer

Bell’s New Design May Make Helicopters Quieter—and Safer

Since helicopters appeared some 80 years in the past, they’ve used a single high-speed tail rotor to counteract the torque of the principle...

FDA Says Juul Cannot Declare to Be Safer Than Cigarettes

By the ninth grade, Phillip Fuhrman was already hooked on Juul, as had been lots of his buddies. A few of them had...

Ford’s Bid for Safer Scooters? Sensors In every single place

Within the spring of 2018, Jeri Baker started to get a variety of telephone calls. Electrical scooter-share firms like Chicken, Lime, and Spin...

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Coronavirus: Abandoned London landmarks seen from above

Among the metropolis's hottest landmarks are devoid of the standard crowds as folks keep indoors to assist fight coronavirus.